[sdiy] Niche ACM-1 how's this thing work?

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Mon Mar 20 16:39:55 CET 2023


Nice comparison of some automation tools, but the Behringer CM8000 is missing for me.
OK, maybe because it doesn't have MIDI as controlling input but its own software that control the CM8000 over a RS232 serial interface.

Peter (have ACM1's and a Behringer CM8000 but currently both not in my homestudio setup)

http://rc100-usb.at.tt/   (Roland sampler tool)
http://synpro.heimat.eu/datadial.htm (Synth addon)

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I know nothing about the ACM-1, but it reminds me that I just recently (re-)read these articles about early mixing automation systems:



allegedly the reviewed companies did not like the review very much ;)

On 20.03.23 14:55, mark verbos via Synth-diy wrote:
> Those of us as old as I am might remember this thing from the 90s. It is patched into the inserts on a mixer and then adds MIDI controlled automation. All the chatter around is about how it is passive, so it has "infinite" headroom, 0% distortion, 0% gain. I got one recently for a low price. I looked inside, eager to know the trick.... Vactrols? Motorized pots? something I don't even know about? Inside the is a big chip 28pins or something with the label scratched off. Does anyone know what is actually going on in this thing? Is that an 8 channel digitally controlled pot? Just curious.
> Mark
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