[sdiy] Niche ACM-1 how's this thing work?

mark verbos markverbos at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 14:55:08 CET 2023

Those of us as old as I am might remember this thing from the 90s. It is patched into the inserts on a mixer and then adds MIDI controlled automation. All the chatter around is about how it is passive, so it has “infinite” headroom, 0% distortion, 0% gain. I got one recently for a low price. I looked inside, eager to know the trick…. Vactrols? Motorized pots? something I don’t even know about? Inside the is a big chip 28pins or something with the label scratched off. Does anyone know what is actually going on in this thing? Is that an 8 channel digitally controlled pot? Just curious.


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