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Ingo Debus via Synth-diy:
>> Am 04.03.2023 um 06:01 schrieb brianw <brianw at audiobanshee.com
>> <mailto:brianw at audiobanshee.com>>:
>> Personally, I prefer to avoid operating systems
> Q: What is an elephant?
> A: A mouse with an operating system.

It's not really true that all people saying so, really avoid operating
systems, though :D
They avoid _other people's_ operating systems and implement their own,
ad-hoc, emergent one - subsets of what is typically thought of as an OS
that they need, anyway,
and probably close to a whole one across many projects.
So hypothetically, an OS that could be configured at compile-time, at an
approptiate granularity, to only do what a project needs,
could be a good solution that one does not need to reinvent or rebuild

While the behemoth Linux is not it,
the Linux foundation now has an RTOS  project under their wings. I have
only had contact with it as an example in the Renode emulator platform,
trying out its Unix-oid command line via serial port, which could be
configured to be minimal at compile-time, running on some Cortex-M0.
I have not looked more deeply into it & at how much of the rest is
optional & scalable, but it does pique my interest.

Out-of-the-box supported boards, lowering the effort for just playing
with it a little:

- Steve

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