[sdiy] New cute "Microcontrollers" - STM32U with integrated GPU for UIs (+math accel + analog stuff)

brianw brianw at audiobanshee.com
Sat Mar 4 11:20:01 CET 2023

I worked on a control surface with 27 small displays attached to a single STM32F7 processor. The displays were attached to what was effectively a 24-bit data bus, feeding three 8-bit parallel displays at the same time, such that looping through 9 sets of data filled all 27 displays. There might have been a parallel SRAM or DRAM memory attached as well. The displays were at least 320x200, so the whole set would have been about 1.75 million pixels.

This STM32F7 also had 2D acceleration for common display operations like converting bitmap color encodings or bit depths, and rendering fonts. I don't remember the exact model.

You might browse the ST Micro web site and use the "Product Selector" to find out what they have to offer, then see if there is a discovery board for the chip that meets your needs.

Brian Willoughby

On Mar 4, 2023, at 1:57 AM, Steve wrote:
> The chewing up RAM part could previously be solved by using those STM32 with F(S)MC parallel memory port to connect external (Pseudo-)SRAM. One of the STM32F4 discovery boards e.g. has 8 MB DRAM on it + a smaller TFT, github has a port of the DOOM game for that board ;)
> These new STM32U are advertized as not needing externalc omponents for, among other things, that sort of thing.
> grant musictechnologiesgroup.com:
>> Yes, it's quite interesting! I was recently reading about H7. I need something that can support a large TFT (800x480 perhaps) so that chews up a lot of SRAM. The main MCU contender at the moment is the ESP32-S3 unfortunately.
>> GB

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