[sdiy] New cute "Microcontrollers" - STM32U with integrated GPU for UIs (+math accel + analog stuff)

sleepy_dog at gmx.de sleepy_dog at gmx.de
Thu Mar 2 14:07:25 CET 2023

I found it interesting already that things like STM32F4 are called
"microcontroller" (instead of e.g. SoC)

Now they announced these things, with 2.5 MB SRAM and a "2.5D GPU" to
provide modern user interfaces without taxing the general purpose
computing core so much.

Available also still in LQFP

The "GPU"

I looked at a particular "smaller" one ("Only" 100 pin LQFP ;) ), has a
Cortex M33 core with FPU, TFT LCD + touch sense controllers, CORDIC +
FMAC math accelerators.
Has also some analog stuff on board: comparators, opamps, and next to
the 12bit I knew also 14-bit-ADCs.
32bit timers.
Mouser quotes it at 10.57 € when buying 540 pcs. (availabnle in Q2 2023,

I guess if and when they'll be throwing around Nucleo devboards with
those, I might fetch me one to play ;)

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