[sdiy] Yves Usson's Minimoog Filter

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Wed Jun 14 11:35:32 CEST 2023

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> I watched "some" of the video -- I found it a bit cringe, TBH.


> So, did the synth in that video sound special to you?  It sounded pretty "meh" to me (although it did certainly look very impressive).

Yeah.  To me, my additive digital synth sounds far better in about one hundredth of the space and cost

> I'm more interested in the sound that Rick Wakeman achieves in his famous "Revealing Science of God" solo from Yes' Tales from Topographic Oceans.  I don't hear any of that flavor in this video.

Wakeman is master of the Mini-Moog.  He says he can hear the sound it will make just by looking at the front panel before playing a note, though I've never understood how given how much variation there was in early editions.

And by his own admission they are constantly breaking - I think he said he had a dozen at one point so that there were enough to last a tour.
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