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This may be heresy, but there are digital "boing boxes" from I'm guessing the 80's or maybe 90's that were used to add sound effects to homemade videos.  Curiously one is called the Videonics SE-1.


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I had one of these toys based on the chip, quasi-operational, for a while

Remco Electronic Sound FX Machine Vintage Analog Synthesizer 1979<https://reverb.com/item/16733244-remco-electronic-sound-fx-machine-vintage-analog-synthesizer-1979>

Thomas Henry heavily exploited it here


Thomas Henry SN Voice (Euro Aluminum Thru-hole)<https://synthcube.com/cart/t-henry-sn-voice-euro-panel-pcb-ic>

I just sold both PCBs as I wasn’t into the video game sound one coaxes out of that chip, but for some, it could be just right.

Crash Course in Science were really into using these types of things for their sound — a bunch of “one-hit wonders” (since no one could really track CV at the time.


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Found this.


I’m pretty sure I've still got all my Popular Electronics issues from 1980, but I’m on the road for another month so I can’t scan it directly right now. I recall that around that same time PE published a kit using that chip. Remind me in a month or so and I'll go digging when I get home.

Thanks to your heads-up I was able to find ads for it:


I wonder if there was an article about it somewhere, not just the advertisements. I'm sure I saw this at the time but I have no memory of it or Bullet Electronics.

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