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Been there and done that. Many (I mean MANY) years ago I made a drum machine based on the Popular Electronics "Thumpa Thumpa Box" which is a bass drum / bongo set based on 
UJT frequency dividers.  There was on master oscillator for tempo,  one divider for the bass drum and two dividers (wire-or) for the bongos.  A side effect of the dividers is that as they near the 
threshold, they become incredibly noise sensitive. Any time the refrigerator, or furnace, or lunar phase changed the box would hit the drum early.  Very realistic and great practice for a band 
having to deal with it.  It's nickname was "stupid". 

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This is a brilliant idea.  A drum synth with a variable amount of "chaos" oscillator affecting the patterns and voices.  
  On Fri, Jul 21, 2023 at 9:53 AM chris <chris at chrismusic.de> wrote: Or a crazy drum synth called "Aäsnimal"...


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> I don’t.  I think a muppet synth would be awesome :-)
> > I do question my mental state working so diligently on a tiny blue keyboard with Kermit the Frog printed on top. 

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