[sdiy] Mixing PWM audio from 2 different devices. O

Benjamin Tremblay btremblay at me.com
Fri Jul 21 14:44:29 CEST 2023

Sorry for all the typos and grammar errors. I never seem to have my readers when I am free to reply. 

I am still reviewing my options. The Ostman dspsynth chip is what it is, so the only major component I can change is the Arduino Mega board. Its main appeal is all the onboard pins for the matrix.  I have some stm32 boards with plenty of pins, and I have some multiplexer breakouts (I know these can be noisy too). I have Teensy 4 boards (no Teensy 3.x)  and a few Xiao samd21 boards which I know work with Mozzi and have an onboard DAC.  I have a spool of shielded cable and plenty of capacitors, resistors, op amps, and mini +/- buck converters. 
For this project I feel that if I overbuild I will be disappointed. I do have 3 free op amp stages left, so trying active filters is entirely possible. 
I do question my mental state working so diligently on a tiny blue keyboard with Kermit the Frog printed on top.  Of course summer heat on the loft level of my garage is slowing progress at this time.

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