[sdiy] Mixing PWM audio from 2 different devices. Ouch!

Benjamin Tremblay btremblay at me.com
Thu Jul 20 16:49:37 CEST 2023

I had this idea I would use one of my dusty old DSP-G1 synth-on-a-chip modules as a mono synth engine for the shell of my Muppet Babies EP-10 keyboard.
I desoldered the original CPU chip and used an Arduino Mega Pro (the tiny one) to scan the matrix. I can get decent-ish synth sounds of the DSP synth.

Then I got ambitious. I added the Mozzi library and put in a sample player to play back the legacy Casio VL-style rhythm sounds (po, pi, sha). 
Everything in theory works. I can run Mozzi at a decent rate, scan the keyboard, and control the DSP chip with TTL-level MIDI. I chose Mozzi HIFI mode and it does sound a little better. I don’t want it to sound too good, it’s a Casio.

However, I am getting a loud high frequency tone when I try to mix the outputs of Mozzi PWM and the DSP G1 PWM. I suppose this is a beat frequency. It is present when both devices are idle. 

Adding oversized lowpass capacitors (47nF) to the inputs of my opamp take the squeal down, but it’s still there.  Fading down either signal stops the squeal. 

Is there anything I can do about this? Add individual buffers to both? Lower the gain on my opamp (I am using a 100K resistor in the loop and 15K mixer inputs capacitively coupled) ? The opamp is an LM324 running off the 5V supply, so I certainly can improve its power supply. 

I am hoping I can get this combination to work and move onto refinement of the firmware. Otherwise I will just punt and use a Teensy. But that would be too easy.

The take-away from this seems to be, do not combine 2 different PWM audio sources running at 2 different clock speeds from 2 different MCUs. (Or don’t use PWM audio at all if you can avoid it!)

Benjamin Tremblay
btremblay at me.com
Carlisle, MA

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