[sdiy] Transporting line level audio in home / buzz-free USB wall warts?

Chromatest J. Pantsmaker chromatest at azburners.org
Tue Jul 18 18:46:45 CEST 2023

Why not send the audio via bluetooth?

Or ditch the bluetooth speakers and install regular speakers running from
an amp.  You could go 70V or standard without issues at those distances,
though 70V would probably be easier.

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> Hey all, I wanted to move audio from my media pc to rooms in my home
> and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on an inexpensive piece
> of gear that'll do that. I just want to listen to podcasts and some
> music while i'm doing stuff around the house, nothing high quality,
> but I'd prefer not to have hum and static and strong high freq
> rolloff. I'd prefer to do this in analog so that I can turn on
> multiple speakers and they're in phase. I'll be moving the audio over
> a distance of ~ 10-15 meters to 4 different zones. In the target rooms
> I'm going to hook up inexpensive bluetooth speakers with aux input
> running off of a usb wall wart.
> Also looking for inexpensive European (Schuko-style) USB wall warts
> that don't have a lot of ripple. I have tried a bunch (~10?) of
> different usb power supplies over the years and almost all of them
> make the speakers buzz audibly. The only one that I have that doesn't
> do that is an ancient Samsung one that I got with I think my Galaxy
> S3. I hope it never dies to be honest.
> Obviously a better power supply circuit in the bluetooth speakers
> would make them not buzz, but I tried two different ones (starting
> with Anker Soundcore 2 and most recently Earfun UBoom L) and they all
> do that so... it is what it is.
> Best regards
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