[sdiy] STM32G4 SAI problems

sleepy_dog at gmx.de sleepy_dog at gmx.de
Sun Jul 16 17:54:59 CEST 2023

On 16.07.2023 16:39, rburnett at richieburnett.co.uk wrote:
> It is certainly generating *some* code, as I can look through what it
> puts into "main.c" in between the comment lines.  And I know not to
> put my own code in the wrong places

as for it generating more code when the other chip was selected...
You are using a current verison of CubeIDE, right? (you were referring
to CubeMX earlier, which used to be a separate tool, now integrated into
(just making sure all is up to date, although I guess the old tool would
not find recources on ST server for newer ICs like that)

Have you selected the chip itself, btw, or the Nucleo(?) board that you
have, when starting the project? The latter would make some things
easier to setup, because it already knows stuff that's on the board.

With questions about issues using these tools, it might be worthwhile to
ask on the ST community forums.

>> And also, people certainly do like to complain about cube and hal
>> online, but I rely on it heavily for work and it is not generally
>> broken. I've had stumblings or misunderstandings but I don't think
>> I've ever run into an issue that was ultimately a CubeIDE bug.
> Ok, that's useful information and the sort of comment I was hoping
> for.  This learning process is very much for my benefit and for a
> hobby project at the moment, but the NXP Kinetis chips we used to use
> at work have been unavailable now for 4 years, so if I end up liking
> STM32 it could well become my platform of choice for work stuff too. 
> So far I've got mixed impressions, but you've convinced me to give the
> tools the benefit of the doubt for a bit longer ;-)

To get unfamiliar stuff set up ~ quickly, HAL is ok. Once you want to
get performance out of what you paid for in a chip, HAL may be in the
way. It does not always implement all use cases for a peripheral, and
several indirections for interrupt handlers may also not be what you
want. (though I've looked at it last 2017 or so, maybe they changed some
things by now)

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