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Tue Jul 11 13:52:38 CEST 2023

I agree with Mike.  Go with anti-tamper seals/stickers that are designed 
for the job.  Loctite can be removed with heat, and then replaced with 
another drop of loctite so doesn't do much to prevent tampering.


On 2023-07-11 12:40, Mike Bryant wrote:
> Or just get some printed vinyl stickers from Aliexpress that say
> "Warranty void if removed".  Big companies do it so no reason you
> shouldn't.
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> Evening all.
> I want to use Loctite to mark some screws on a case that will indicate
> if it's been opened or not.
> 4 screws that are sitting inside cupped washers that are sitting on
> vinyl.
> It's on the base of a big box guitar effect unit.
> Does anyone have any experience with modern loctite?
> There are 3 versions available - Low Strength, Medium Strength and
> High Strength.
> It doesn't need to seal permanently, it just need to stay on basically
> so someone can't buy the thing, futz around inside it, and then return
> it claiming it doesn't work. I'm being a bit over protective, but,
> it's an expensive item, and I feel that $15aud to buy loctite is a
> good investment for this and other projects.
> Regards,
>  / Edward
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