[sdiy] Proteus 1000 MIDI implementation

doug at synthark.com doug at synthark.com
Sat Jul 1 15:25:56 CEST 2023

Disregard, I found it at my next stop (Facebook Proteus group):  

Doug Huseby

On 2023-07-01 06:52, doug at synthark.com wrote:
> We want to finally build a Proteus 1000 programmer, but need the MIDI 
> SysEx documentation.  The later Emu Proteus modules didn't include full 
> MIDI SysEx implementation in the manual and I'm not finding the MIDI 
> implementation documentation via web search (it was originally 
> available only via download from Emu's site).  Does anyone have the 
> Proteus 1000 (or others within the family, like the Audity 2000, B3, 
> Orbit3, Mo Phatt, Planet Earth, Proteus 2000, Vintage Pro, XL-1)?
> Thanks,

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