[sdiy] Closet Cleanout

g m montalbano montalbanogm at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 23:43:04 CEST 2023

After about 35 years in this house, I've commenced an archeological
excavation of my closet, finding many weird things. Before resorting to
landfill, I thought I'd ask if anyone wanted any of this for free.

Casio CZ101 -- mostly functional, needs work (one key stuck; some keys
don't play; some LEDs are out; power jack is loose). MIDI, memory and
programming parameters seem good.

Casio SK 1 -- this has been modified with MIDI.  Appears to be fully
working; for those who long for the 8 bit sampling sound.

BSR EQ-1 5 band stereo equalizer -- new in box, left over from the early

JL Cooper PPS-1 (version 3) -- working.  If anyone out there is still using
tape, and wants to sync their sequences to a tape track, this is the unit.

Located in Oakland, CA. Would prefer local pickup; if you absolutely need
it shipped, I'll look for low cost alternatives.
"I was prayin' for mercy, and all they ever sent me was you"  -- John Prine
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