[sdiy] The best types of capacitors to use when designing a VCF

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
Sun Sep 25 19:13:18 CEST 2022

------->Technically, what are the known differences between C0G and polypropylene caps?

>> Hopefully someone else can shed light here. The best I could do would provide silly descriptors like the WIMAs sounded more buttery while the c0g sounded more crisp. I feel like I can hear that crisp quality in my Spectra console >> EQ... but this could be pure fantasy!

My first thought would be were they really polypropylene and not the polyester ones that look the same but are generally smaller for unit capacitance ?

-------> I've always wondered in such blind tests to what extent I'm truly listening to component quality. In many cases component tolerances (parameter spread) could yield audible differences, e.g. making the cutoff frequencies in 4 subsequent stages of a VCF much less aligned, softening the filter response.

>> Definitely agree here. In my case I chose WIMA vs c0g with the same tolerance, but I wouldn't have measured each cap so maybe I got lucky and grabbed two WIMAs of *exactly* the same value, or maybe they were *perfectly* >> imbalanced values which spread the poles in a nice way.

If from the same batch then usually they are pretty closer.  Tolerance is more usually a batch to batch issue.

--------->Of course distortion may be what you are after of course in making something ‘sound good’ :-)
Polyester film for ms20 VCF all the way!

Try X7Rs :-)

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