[sdiy] New lectures on transistor-level Analog Electronics (Georgia Tech course)

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I'll never get tired of hearing about your material and I am sure many
others agree. I just wish that I had more time to invest in watching. I
always get very excited about it and then am unable to follow through to
the end because of my work schedule and a million other reasons. Hopefully
one day soon I can get through these.

On Thu, Sep 22, 2022 at 2:18 AM Ashlyn Black <ashlyn at ashlynblack.com> wrote:

> Excellent, your ECE4450 course "Analog Circuits for Music" taught me a
> phenomenal amount! :3
> On 22/9/22 14:53, Lanterman, Aaron D via Synth-diy wrote:
> Dear SDIYers,
> Most of you probably already know about my lecture series on “Analog
> Circuits for Music Synthesis” and “Guitar Amplification and Effects” on
> YouTube.
> The instructor originally scheduled to teach ECE3400: Analog Electronics,
> Georgia Tech's junior-level elective focusing on transistor-level design,
> pulled out at the last minute, so I agreed to take it over this fall. I’m
> posting materials to this playlist:
> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOunECWxELQSbOv3ekzuwC4K8ygV-Jkiy
> The first set of lectures are recycled; they review op amp circuits. The
> next set is on superposition with dependent sources (it turns out you can
> deactivate the dependent sources, unlike what the books say, you just have
> to be careful how to do it). The main course proper starts with the
> lectures at the bottom of the list specifically labeled “ECE3400 Lecture
> Whatever.” Lectures 2-4 are on diodes; 5-7 on BJTs; 7-9 on BJT biasing;
> 10-12 on Thevenin & Norton equivalents looking into the terminals of the
> BJT small signal model (important concept in the particular way I teach the
> material), 13-15 on the common single-transistor amplifier types, and 16-18
> on multistage amplifiers… with more to come!
> I’m not using the official textbook for the class. I’m instead basing the
> exposition on work by my colleague Marshall Leach:
> https://leachlegacy.ece.gatech.edu/ece3050/index.html
> (ECE3400 used to be called ECE3050).
> And here’s his paper on superposition with dependent sources:
> https://leachlegacy.ece.gatech.edu/papers/superpos.pdf
> (If you’re on any of the Facebook Synth DIY groups you probably already
> know about this and are tired of hearing about it.)
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