[sdiy] Operating voltages questions about synthesizers

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Mon Sep 5 09:33:24 CEST 2022

I am finally working on completing modifying my Electro-Harmonix EH 0400 mini synthesizer that I purchased brand new around 1979/1980.

Its original factory power supply was two 9-volt batteries connected in parallel with no external power supply adapter jack installed so I installed one some years ago to use a 9 volt DC power supply.

Last night I connected a 12 volt DC power supply & noticed that the synthesizer sounded a little better than when operating from the 9 volt battery or from the 9 volt DC power supply.

I'm thinking about adding a 7812 or 7815 voltage regulator circuit to connect to the power connection of this synthesizer since I have some 18 volts DC power supplies (wall warts) that I've used on some other electronic music devices.

My question is this - does an electronic music circuit that works fine from a 9 volt DC supply work even better at 12 or 15 volts DC & why is that so ?


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