[sdiy] [OT] LM13700 spotted in commercial product of big Manufacturer

sleepy_dog at gmx.de sleepy_dog at gmx.de
Mon May 16 19:13:11 CEST 2022

David G Dixon via Synth-diy:
> Through-hole TL072 is currently more or less unobtainable.  The main
> manufacturer, TI, is completely out of stock.  TI is really the only good
> place to buy TL072 (which, although half of a TL074 in functionality, tends
> to be significantly more expensive than TL074), since their price is a
> fraction of the price you typically find at the big retailers.  I use

It's EU, and probably not cheap comparet to what they're used to... at
least 789 in stock at time of writing ;)

German seller Reichelt.de let me just put 1000 TL072 DIP into the
basket, but at 1.2 € / pcs.

JLCPCB currently has the SOIC TL072, but by ST, not Texas, as a "basic
part" (i.e. no extra "special component" fee),
in stock with 157 thousand... If you buy 1000 pcs, the price per unit is
~ 0.15 USD.
So I guess you could design breakout DIP adapters and have them put the
ICs on it... if you need to solder pins to them it's added effeort and
price of course... perhaps better than not having any at all.

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