[sdiy] [OT] LM13700 spotted in commercial product of big Manufacturer

mskala at northcoastsynthesis.com mskala at northcoastsynthesis.com
Sun May 15 15:00:40 CEST 2022

On Sun, 15 May 2022, Tom Wiltshire wrote:
> that's been around since as long as I've been doing electronics, and I
> remember buying them from Maplin when I was a kid and messing about with
> filter designs using them from R.A. Penfold's books on my first breadboard.

Well, I've done much the same, and that's the thing:  are we building a
mainstream product with current technology, or something intended for our
personal nostalgia and historical re-enactment?  Either can and maybe
should exist.  They're not the same markets.

Townsends sells slates and slate-pencils, so maybe I can't say those
products are "gone" either; but they don't meaningfully compete with the
Apple iPad.


Matthew Skala
North Coast Synthesis Ltd.

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