[sdiy] Oberheim OBXA issues

gm montalbanogm at gmail.com
Thu May 12 01:46:39 CEST 2022

I haven't seen your particular Cooper interface, but I recall seeing one 
years ago on a P5.  It was Cooper's general purpose MIDI interface for 
poly machines -- it didn't interfere with the synth operating system, 
but was something inserted between the keyboard and synth keyboard jack 
to replicate key presses via MIDI.  If your unit is like this, it's 
doubtful that the Oberheim ROMs will have any effect one way or the other.
> Am 11.05.22 um 17:42 schrieb al spitzley via Synth-diy:
>> So the Oberheim is now up and running thanks to my local synth guru! 
>> The imain ssues were one corrupt eprom and a wrong part was installed 
>> in the lower control board. Don't  know how I didn't notice the latter!
>> So now I'm trying to get the old JL Cooper midi interface to work. It 
>> arrived outside of the synth with no cover on the eprom window. I 
>> assume it had been exposed for a few years so suspect this could be a 
>> cause of the interface not working. It is a Rev 1.1 board. A long 
>> shot I know, but does anyone have a bin file for the JL Cooper Obxa 
>> midi board?
>> Thanks in advance and also thanks for all the prior help!
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