[sdiy] Fwd: EXAR SSM chips

chris chris at chrismusic.de
Thu Mar 31 21:28:47 CEST 2022

That mystery has been puzzling me for quite some time.

In my rev1 the SSM2040 equivalent is Exar XR5099, and then there are
XR5101, don't remember what they stood for (ADSR?). 
IIRC, the oscillator chips have some tempco stuff glued on them, so I
have no idea how they are labelled.


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> Back in the day, EXAR made versions of the SSM chips in the Rev1 & 2.  I've
> seen them in the past in units I've serviced, and noticed that they had
> different numbers than the chips they were replacing (but stupidly didn't
> write down those numbers).  Does anyone here have any record of the EXAR
> numbers?
> Thanks.
> ~G

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