[sdiy] Wooden side panels for synth

Mike Beauchamp list at mikebeauchamp.com
Mon Mar 21 21:42:32 CET 2022

> Just now I am looking for ARP Axxe Mk 1, which also needs nut inserts at very specific positions in the wood.

I have done wood sides for a few synths for friends as one-offs. After 
thickness planing the wood to the correct thickness, I use two-sided 
tape (or one-sided tape + CA glue) to fix original side to the wood. A 
template guide router bit traces the original side and cuts it in the 
wood. For the location of holes, I have clamped the side in place and 
trace mounting hole locations through the actual mounting holes on the 
chassis. Another method I used to locate holes just involved using paper 
and taking a "rubbing" of the original and transferring that to the new 
one. I haven't used inserts, just wood screw directly into the wood 
after pre-drilling.


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