[sdiy] Approximate linear 2164 scheme using zeners

Sean Ellis tensiontype at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 19 13:40:13 CET 2022

Based on a suggestion on Modwiggler I tried a cheap way to get rough linear response from a 2164 using diodes to compress the CV, then scale it. So far it looks good in Spice but comes (I think) at the cost of S/N. Haven't tested this yet but if it works, I'm sure it could be improved.

(I'll try to attach the pics here but if not check the link.)

Ignore high resistor values in the signal path, had some trouble figuring out the 2164 model. The circuit is a polarizing VCA using an inverted part cancelling. With the exponential response this crossover is not really useable even from a large panel pot, it's so sharp. Dont need any precision here but a softer front panel experience (I just want to save a chip 😉 )

When I took these captures I had made the expo section lopsided in error, but the shape is the same when spaced out more. Any thoughts? I think it could be trimmed better down to 0 volts but that was where I started to lose the shape, rather trade some attenuation for the shape.

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