[sdiy] MPLAB-X alternative

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Tue Mar 8 15:54:58 CET 2022

W dniu 2022-03-08 o 15:12, grant musictechnologiesgroup.com pisze:
> From: "Roman Sowa" <modular at go2.pl>
>   > I will not elaborate why MPLAB-X is a pile of unusable crap, let's say
>   > I'd rather give up PICs in total than use it.
> This was exactly the motivation for my recent use of STM8. If it makes
> you feel any better, the tools for the STM8 are not great either (at

Oh, that feels so good ;)
Is it just me or every new microcontroller firmware development tool 
looks like they were made by people who never talk to microcontroller 

> JRE. But hey, a week or so later I have a working SP4T illuminated
> pushbutton that uses almost all of the part's 8K of code space. OK,
> perhaps I got carried away with the SP4T's MIDI Implementation. :-)

that's a good one! :)


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