[sdiy] [OT] UV solder mask vs JBWeld/Gorilla Weld

Mike Beauchamp list at mikebeauchamp.com
Mon Mar 7 20:36:04 CET 2022

On 3/7/22 13:16, Barry Klein wrote:
> Kapton tape doesn’t stick to itself (or anything really) very well. I need to form a firm surface as it can bend and tear.  Bending would break the jumper wires between the two pieces. Guys are complaining the green UV soldermask doesn’t harden well. If it is like the UV glued I’ve tried, it doesn’t adhere very well either.  Maybe even CA glue and baking soda could be an option…

Hi Barry, sorry I'm confused - it's a flex circuit, but you don't want 
it to flex?

The only other thing that come to mind is encapsulating it in epoxy. use 
a release agent and build a mold around your temporary metal plate. once 
it's released, flip it and do the same over again.

I'm not sure what your maximum thickness can be here.. or how rigid you 
actually need this to be. If it was me though, I'd still be trying the 
kapton tape and maybe sandwiching a separate adhesive (like epoxy or CA 
glue) between the layers.

This is a tough one.. if you get no better responses here, maybe try the 
EEVBLOG forum.. thousands of people there and a lot into repairs.. show 
them some pics.


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