[sdiy] Power supply for Big Briar Etherwave Theremin

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
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Yes I was implying that MIDI was the misuse.  Although B&O used those same pins for their wired remote control as well long before MIDI.  The Revox remote also used DIN but that might have been the 4 pin version which would have been more sensible for MIDI to use.

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Well, the Din plug goes back way further than MIDI. See any hifi gear in Europa from then 60’s or 70’s. So if anybody’s misusing the plug, it is MIDI.

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It shouldn’t actually damage a MIDI device if it was plugged into one as the MIDI pins aren’t there.

But yeah, we (mis)used DIN connectors like there was no alternative back in the old days :-)

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Here’s a photo of mine. Funny, the MIDI warning on the label.

The connector on my Etherwave is a 5-pin connector, so the power plug can be either 3-pin or 5-pin.



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I have an opportunity to buy a Big Briar Etherwave Theremin from a friend for cheap. The only problem is it is missing the power supply.
Searching online, I find a lot of Moog Etherwave power supplies.
Does anyone happen to know if these are compatible?
The power plug on the Big Briar unit is a 5-pin midi style plug.
Pictures of the Moog power supply look like 3 pins.

I’m wondering if they just simply removed two pins and the three fit in the midi style plug.
If not compatible, does anyone know where to get a hold of the Big Briar supply?
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