[sdiy] Is here somebody from around Atlanta who would help grab a weird synth?

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Tue Jun 28 01:55:18 CEST 2022

Learn something new every day:  the only Duluth I've ever heard of was in
Minnesota.  I was sure you were mis-speaking, but sure enough there's an
Atlanta satellite named Duluth as well.  Sadly, I'm in Chicago so I can't


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> Hey hopefully it's ok to post this here.
> There is currently a synthesizer available for local pickup in Duluth
> which I've been eagerly looking for for a while. I'm working on analyzing
> the HON-MEG chip which is mostly used in Hohner home-organs, except for one
> synthesizer they made around '86. It's said that only 200 have been built.
> One of my goals is also to make an implementation of it with MAME - and of
> course to see if it provides some insights to upgrade my accordion expander
> :)
> If anyone could image to grab it and send it over to Germany please get in
> contact with me.
> Thanks
> Hannes
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