[sdiy] a provoking question about time

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon Jun 27 12:15:18 CEST 2022

W dniu 2022-06-26 o 22:11, brianw pisze:
>> And I'd love to sacrifice part of memory for error correction, but PICs do not provide anything to do that.
> Exactly, Your question makes me wonder whether designing with PIC is appropriate for a product that is intended to last a long time. Compared to the range of features available in other processors, the PIC seems rather limited. Of course, that affects the price, so longevity may be another tradeoff between cost and quality.

My applications are really simple. Low range of PIC16 is usually all I 
need, I reach for higher PIC range only when needing more RAM than those 
silly 256B. And second reason - I'm too old and too busy for learning 
another processor now, even if it would take only a few weeks, I'm too 
far behind with everything to even think about such a major change.
And most of all - it would have to be some higher range micro, with all 
that booting and robustness stuff sorted out in hardware. In another 
words, I'm not going to use 2GHz processor needing couple of watts power 
to make toilet flush controller.

OTOH considering that whatever happens I will not be doing any of that 
for more than 20 years, and noone is willing to buy me out, I may as 
well use DGAF method against bit-rot.


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