[sdiy] Testing codecs

Barry Klein barryklein at cox.net
Fri Jun 10 19:25:28 CEST 2022

Since we are seeing digital audio converter questions I’ll post two:
Codec specs show ADC and DAC specs but some of the codecs I am evaluating are difficult to test using the digital I/O and I have been testing audio in audio out with no DSP manipulations (SigmaDSP). I am wondering why the codecs aren’t specd for this configuration as it is likely pretty common.  
Another question is about the gain structures of the boards. Not always 1:1 in:out.  2Vrms in/900mV out on ADAU1401A  I think for example.  Do I modify results or config to compensate?
I have a QA401 and had a APx555 for a week and a half.


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