[sdiy] Can't find 1-bit ADCs

René Schmitz synth at schmitzbits.de
Fri Jun 10 15:39:09 CEST 2022

Am 10.06.2022 um 15:00 schrieb Tom Wiltshire:
> It also depends a bit what you're going to do with the output. If you *actually want* a simple bitstream of the data, then the comparator is probably the way to go. There are some very retro eurorack delays done like this: 1-bit ADC, fed to pile of old RAM chips, out to an integrator. Example:
> https://modwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2631837

Done that too. Copying the delta labs encoders (straight from the 
patent). They are technically 1-bit as well.



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