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I thought this group would enjoy this story from my EE college student

When I was in college, we had one lab where all the students built these
continuity testers. When you connected the probes at two points on a
circuit and there was continuity, the tester would emit a BEEP. That tester
was called the “Testafon”.

The instructor of that lab declared a particular day “Testafon Day” where
everyone would bring their testers to college.

One of the professors at college was determined not to let ANYONE bring any
Testafons in his class, as he did not want the disruption of the BEEP they

Never passing up a good prank, I devised a way to conceal my Testafon. It
was small enough to fit in my pocket. Then I looped the wires through the
belt loops of my pants, and on the other side of my pants the probes were
wired to a microswitch with a spring loaded actuator, which I could push
with just my elbow at the waist. I wore my denim jacket to hide this setup,
thus all I had to do was use my elbow to push the switch close - with my
hands above the desk - and the BEEP would go off.

We’re sitting in class and I set it off BEEP. The professor was visibly
annoyed. BEEP. “Turn that thing OFF.” BEEP. “Which one of you has it?!?”
BEEP. He followed the sound, came in my direction and got as close as the
student seated in front of me. The professor gave up.

After class, we are in the computer room having a good laugh about the
prank. The professor’s office is down the hall past the computer room. The
professor enters the computer room as we are laughing, and the entire room
abruptly goes silent. The professor stops and is bewildered by the sudden


He broke into a chuckle. “Some day I’m going to find that SOB…”

The professor is one of my Facebook friends...

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