[sdiy] Electrosmith Eurorack DSP platform

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
Thu Jan 27 19:13:55 CET 2022

>> How is the RP2040 as a massive amount of audio DACs?

>You could certainly do it. With eight PIO state machines you could easily get 16 channels of I2S audio output and probably more if you tried really hard. There's plenty of bandwidth on the internal buses for stuff like that. Question is how you would >source all the data that kind of design would need - even 16 channels would more than saturate the full-speed USB port at 48k. Generating the data programatically or even just reading it from flash would likewise be a squeeze.

> Eric

I thought he meant using the internals of the chip to do DACs.  In theory the PIOs could manage 16 channels of TDM per state-machine so 128 in all, though then the processors can't fill the FIFOs fast enough.   I'm running a TDM ring with 40 channels in and out without overclocking or anything on one PIO, whilst the other sends and receives data from converters to put on and off the ring.
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