[sdiy] Electrosmith Eurorack DSP platform

Martin Klang mars at pingdynasty.com
Thu Jan 27 11:52:19 CET 2022

On 27/01/2022 10:52, Vladimir Pantelic via Synth-diy wrote:
> On 27.01.22 10:38, Martin Klang wrote:
>> I know they're using the SRAM kind of out of spec: it's a 1.8V part
>> running at 3.3V (Alliance AS4C16M32MSA
> SDRAM, 64MB of SRAM would be nice and $$$ :)

Yes correct, my mistake! The MCU does have 1Mb onboard SRAM though, 
which is nice and fast, while the SDRAM is a bit of a performance 

On 27/01/2022 06:07, Eric Brombaugh via Synth-diy wrote:
> The STM32H7 runs a bit slower, but has on-chip
> flash while the iMX requires external flash so there may be some
> differences in memory bandwidth that fall in favor of the STM32H7.

I believe Daisy uses the H750 which has only one sector of 128kB flash. 
Typically you'd put the bootloader there and load the firmware into SRAM 
(not SDRAM this time!) from somewhere else. You can also XIP from 
external flash (eXecute In Place) ie run the firmware directly from a 
memory-mapped QSPI flash, but performance is **horrible**. All those 
lovely CPU cycles wasted in wait states!


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