[sdiy] Who apart from me things the whole MIDI board needs replacing ?

Mattias Rickardsson mr at analogue.org
Wed Jan 26 11:53:32 CET 2022

<grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com> skrev:

> Hey, it only took them a decade or so to include a messed up standard for
> 1/8" TRS connectors.

But the MIDI standard for TRS jacks ended up using 2.5 mm jacks, not 3.5 mm
(1/8"). Just to avoid confusion. (-:

3.5 mm was already the de-facto standard by then. But half of the
manufacturers ended up using one polarity and the other half chose the
other, which potentially makes MIDI devices incompatible, unless special
cables/adapters are at hand.

In Elektron's Model series of instruments we implemented the TRS MIDI In to
accept any polarity (passively, using diodes!), and a setting in the UI
chooses between the two polarities for the TRS MIDI Out. Has this been done
anywhere else? I've always felt that it perhaps should be published as an
official application note, a suggested implementation superpower for other
manufacturers to pick up. :-)

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