[sdiy] Who apart from me things the whole MIDI board needs replacing ?

Mattias Rickardsson mr at analogue.org
Tue Jan 25 21:26:32 CET 2022

Matthew Skala via Synth-diy <synth-diy at synth-diy.org> skrev:

> If we're playing this game, the basic electrical standard for landline
> telephone service dates from the 1870s.  Pulse dialling is from the 1890s
> and I think many networks can still accept the pulse dialling signals of
> that era, even if the numbering schemes have changed and DTMF introduced
> in the 1960s is now preferred.  I still use a DTMF phone plugged into a
> cable modem; the cable modem does not do a good job of following the
> standard (insufficient ring voltage - I had to build a booster) but my
> phone, manufactured in the 2010s, would've worked on at least a 1970s-era
> North American network, and except for dialling might have worked on at
> least some 1890s-era networks.

You should try to order some Telharmonium service for maximum enjoyment!
Wonderful system also from the 1890s. A pity it closed down... or did it?


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