[sdiy] JLCPCB : was 1-quadrant-multiplier

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On Sun, Jan 23, 2022 at 3:34 AM Brian Willoughby
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> There's no need to limit yourself to JLC. There are tons of PCB Assembly houses around the world. Depending upon where you live, one might even be nearby. I used to live in Bellevue, WA, and there is a PCB Assembly shop just a 10-minute walk from my home there. They got to know me on a first-name basis, and would have rework done over lunch.
> When it came to full assembly, I would simply provide the PCB from the fab and the parts from Mouser, DigiKey, Jameco, etc. Of course, I made mistakes from time to time, but they would always let me know when my counts were off. I learned that they prefer to have at least 10 spare parts on the tapes because they need some room to feed the pick-and-place. The local guys basically trained me on how to provide them what was needed. As you folks are saying, even a slight amount of time learning how to enable automation pays off many times in efficiency. Also, the boards look absolutely perfect (compared to any of my hand-soldering).
> Brian

All for the low, low cost of $19999

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