[sdiy] 1-quadrant multiplier with 2164

Eric Brombaugh ebrombaugh at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 20:43:09 CET 2022

I've used a phase vocoder to do it. Similar to the STFT approach that 
Mike described:

* Chop the incoming signal into FFT-sized records with overlapping.
* Window and FFT.
* Convert the frequency domain data to polar notation and and 
differentiate phase from the previous pass.
* Scale phase delta and magnitude to new bins for the shift.
* Accumulate the scaled per-bin phase deltas in output accumulators.
* Convert phase accumulators and magnitude back to cartesian.
* Inverse FFT and overlap Add into the output time domain stream.

Works pretty well but has a fairly long latency and a bit of modulation 
artifacting due to the FFT rate.


On 1/20/22 11:07, Mike Bryant wrote:
> Can be done various ways.
> You could use a ShortTerm Fourier Transform, then simply reconstruct the signal by summing DFTs at different sampling rates for each frequency band.  This will have a few problems, such as discontinuities at the joins between the transforms which need filtering before feeding to the DFT bank.
> Another way is to feed the signal to a wavelet filter bank to produce a Continuous Wavelet Transform, transform the mother transform reconstruction coefficients according to whatever pitch raise you want by frequency, then reform the audio signal from the new coefficients.
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> How would you do it?
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>> Yes :-)
>> But infinitely easier if you go digital
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>> I wonder if it's possible to build a frequency shifter that shifts higher harmonics more than lower harmonics.

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