[sdiy] Seeking Dave Hylander....

Pete Hartman pete.hartman at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 00:59:28 CET 2022

Does anyone know if it is possible, and if so, how I might contact Dave

I'm building a Miniwave with Expander, and just realized that the expander
PCB revision I have is the OG version.  I have a 2003, it looks like the
2004 version is much improved (e.g. places for bypass caps for the PROMs
etc).  I'd like to buy one of the newer revision.

His earthlink web page is still up, but the email address provided (
expander at hylander.com) no longer works.

Failing that, if anyone else has one of these 2004 revision boards
languishing in your backlog, I'd be interested to buy it (though... I have
all the other parts, the Blacet MOTM kit and the daughterboard for the LEDs
and CV switching.... I can see how selling one without the others might be
troublesome, but let's talk anyway).


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