[sdiy] dragging down op-amp CV output?

Neil Harper metadata at gmx.com
Sat Jan 15 23:05:22 CET 2022

On 1/15/22 3:01 AM, Roman Sowa wrote:
> If you look under "Maximum peak output voltage swing", you'll find
> +/-10V at 2k load, so that's +/-5V clean wave at 1k in your case.
> There's also graph "Maximum Peak Output Voltage vs Load Resistance",
> where you can see exactly that and more (figure 6-45 in my datasheet).
> Even if it was 100oh, and indeed while inserting a plug you'd short it
> to GND, and everything goes down, it happens just for a blink of an eye,
> not a big deal IMHO. with 1k you'd have to short 2 jacks to GND at the
> same time. I haven't seen anybody patching 2 patchcords at once. So yes,
> that's good, you're safe with good margin.

thanks Roman, I see  those graphs now in the TI datasheet. Very

is there any merit to keeping the outside-world facing outputs on their
own buffer in case of any other sort of user error? i'm thinking like
static discharge or who-knows-what (connect it to another input, etc)..
is there any failure modes that would just kill the opamp cell, or would
it just bonk the entire chip anyways.

i gotta be honest, i can't say I've ever killed a TL074 with manhandling
and breadboarding, etc. SSI2164's on the other hand, i've had a few of
those suddenly not work and the problem has always been isolated to a
single cell.

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