[sdiy] OT: Mains Safety PSA

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Fri Jan 14 13:42:06 CET 2022

Ouch! (>.<)  Once high-current connectors start to fail, you get 
oxidation, the contact resistance increases further, they get even 
hotter, and the process quickly accelerates (>.<)   Stay safe.


On 2022-01-14 11:33, cheater cheater via Synth-diy wrote:
> So as recent experience shows, 18 - 26 amps max continuous load for
> months was a tad optimistic for this unknown brand Schuko wall socket,
> which subsequently proceeded to smolder, melt, and deform, almost
> causing a fire. I guess you don't think about wall socket power
> ratings when your central heating goes out. I've smelled the telltale
> smell of something smoldering for a few days, but I couldn't quite
> localize it. I checked the cable, and it was warm, but there are a few
> warm cables in my house and they're fine, so I assumed this was fine.
> I had to dig down to the actual plug and socket (conveniently located
> under a few cardboard boxes by the way) in order to find the
> following.
> https://imgur.com/gallery/FhQWHh3
> One thing that'll "get you" is that this has been running like that
> for months now, and only this week has it started making funny smells.
> It's good to know about things that'll "get you" like that.
> Expectation would be that if it works at first, it'll just keep
> working, because how can a plug in a socket go from perfectly fine to
> bad enough after months of being used in equal manner? Turns out this
> expectation was not correct.
> I had to use (VDE) pliers to get the contacts out, and they made a
> nice crunchy sound on their way out. Of course I shut off the breaker
> first. The contacts are nice and oxidized from the heat, all the way
> to blue and brown.
> BTW, Schuko are rated to 16A only. Go figure.
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