[sdiy] Low voltage synthesis?

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
Thu Jan 13 23:04:57 CET 2022

One possibility might be having a coarse and fine signal - the coarse somehow being quantised to only allow tuning to exact notes on whatever scale you are using, the fine moving an octave or so around this note.  But at this point you'll probably either wish you'd used +/-15V, or gone digital :-)

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Audio is one thing but what about frequency control voltages?

If you want a full range VCO or filter using +/-1.5 or +/-3 volts you won't have much range with 1V/O.  So you'll have to live with the range or change to something non-standard like maybe 0.25 or 0.5 V/O.

Jay S.

On 1/13/2022 9:13 AM, Roman Sowa wrote:
> 1.5V rails might be slightly insane, but +/-3V why not.
> Not to mention +/-5V, which is advertized in many opamp datasheets as 
> "high voltage".
> Synths rarely run signal hitting anywhere close to +/-15V rails, more 
> like 5 to max 10Vpp. Scaling it down to 6Vpp in +/-3V system looks 
> then like no change at all.
> 5V synth is actually one of my current obsessions so (forgive my 
> blantant bragging) here are 2 examples:
> this is powered from +/-3, but will happily run at +/-1.5V too:
> https://midi-hardware.com/index.php?section=prod_info&product=Pierdzid
> elko
> and this runs down to 1.8V, although good performance starts at 2.1V:
> http://sowa.synth.net/schem/vco8/
> Roman
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