[sdiy] Looking for a specific sample-player/expander IC/module

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Tue Jan 11 00:59:00 CET 2022

Very interesting replies, thanks again guys!!

I agree there are several other options to achieve what the SAM chips can
do, it just seemed like a nice convenient option with fast, possibly big
memory. And i liked the thought of re-using somewhat old chips/technology
in a new DIY context.

I would think at least for my purposes an ESP32 or teensy solution would be
the easiest alternative, and they should be plenty fast enough for the
rather simple sampling engine that i need. While the SAM chips basically
supply a kind of full fledged Wavetable-Synth-Engine, i really only want
simple sample playback/repitching. I don't really have a clue about RAM
speeds/platforms/buses etc but to simply play back lets say up to 8
simultaneous voices, the above mentioned ESP32 base WVR board with 8GB
onboard flash memory should be fast enough. I managed to do the same even
on a rather outdated axoloti.com board, streaming from SD-Card...

But yeah, it would be great if someone could come up with a faster low
level implementation on an ARM/teensy based board with plenty of fast RAM
as Brian suggested. I agree that an FPGA is not the right solution for this
application, , as interesting as the tech is. Especially for a
simple-minded MCU person as I am.

FWIW, i also finally received a response from DREAM themselves, where they
kindly pointed me towards serdashop as well, and confirming that supplying
end-customers or DIY people is beyond their workload capacities ATM.

Oh and also this mod-wiggler user called ixtern built a prototype for a
Dreamblaster-based standalone instrument as well, i am talking to him as


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> > Here’s a picture of a PCB from the MalletKat:
> They're also inside the Akai MPK Mini Play from just a few years back:
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