[sdiy] Breaking news: synthCube to acquire Small Bear

Oren Leavitt obl64 at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jan 10 20:26:10 CET 2022


I've bought from Small Bear since Steve started it. I'm hoping synthCube 
will be here for the long haul. The waters are so rough and unpredictable.

- Oren

On 1/10/22 4:07 AM, Tom Bugs via Synth-diy wrote:
> This is fantastic news!
> Small Bear have been such a nice setup over the years and SynthCube 
> seem to be along these great lines too - they really strive to keep 
> niche things going in this fast paced world.
> On 08/01/2022 16:18, Todd Sines wrote:
>> Opened one of my random “must order before they close” tabs to find 
>> some great news:
>> Message To Our Community
>> Posted on 01/7/22
>> Dear Friends and Customers:
>> Small Bear is excited to announce that we have reached an agreement 
>> in principle to be acquired by synthCube.
>> Following a final agreement, Small Bear customers will be able to 
>> continue ordering directly from the Small Bear webstore, as soon as 
>> arrangements have been completed for synthCube to accept and fill 
>> those orders. Please note that it is likely to take a few months for 
>> synthCube to receive our remaining stock in Massachusetts, get it 
>> organized on their premises and re-stock depleted items.
>> We expect that the combination of Small Bear and synthCube will 
>> provide expanded parts selection for DIY audio enthusiasts, including 
>> makers of stompboxes, modular synths, amps and more.
>> The combined company will continue to serve both hobbyists and 
>> commercial accounts. Small to mid-size stompbox, modular synth and 
>> DIY audio companies will continue to find deep inventory and 
>> competitive prices for components purchased in bulk, with a 
>> particular focus on analog and digital components specific to audio DIY.
>> Please watch this space for updates as we build our partnership.
>> Steve, Judy and the Small Bear Team
>> https://smallbear-electronics.mybigcommerce.com/update/
>> Rejoice!
>> Todd
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