[sdiy] Which transistors for synth circuits?

Peter Pearson electrocontinuo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 15:45:09 CET 2022

C'mon, EVERYONE knows modern synths sound bad because SMD sounds worse than
through hole.

Anyway I would think that if part choice was going to matter, it would be
in the audio path and not the CV path, no?  This 2N3905 vs 2N3906
controlling the 3080s in an OBX thing seems to be more about how the
circuit tracks CV than how it would sound at the same cutoff/resonance.

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> > > Poor or not, that's what his OBX was using.
> > >
> > > As for my question, I'm more interested in the non-linearities of the
> > > transistors in question, and whether there's some uniqueness to that.
> I just don't believe that topology can always let you fully escape the
> physical properties of a part.
> On the other hand I'm sure there are situations where it can, and I
> wonder if that's the reason why all modern synths sound exactly the
> same type of bland.
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