[sdiy] CoolAudio? USB audio streaming/codec test question

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I have the ADAU-1701 eval board.  I picked/ordered that first.  Then I discovered the temp spec was not quite as good as we needed and considered the 1401A.  But then came across the 1772 and it is supposedly better for when you need to port the digital audio IO to a fpga, which we do.  Lower latency and different IO implementation I think.  Still a SigmaDSP part but has less bells and whistles – we did not get our eval board for it yet.  Read an article about interfacing it to fpga’s that seemed to favor it. I’ve never worked with codecs but only one around with any analog experience so I got the responsibility to choose our codec.  Ughh.  I never had the need to design a board since the Music Man days really so someone else here will do that.  So do you think the miniDSP USB streaming kit thing is as simple as hooking some jumpers between it and the 1772 eval board or will there need to be a bit of custom hardware involved?  


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I recently designed a PCB using the ADAU-1701 and had it built at JLCPCB which worked out much cheaper than manufacturer evaluation boards.  (Shouldn’t really say that as we design quite a few of them :-)


All the ADAU devices are pretty similar in performance.



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Hi guys,

I am tasked with checking out an Analog Devices codec (ADAU-1772) and want to interface to the digital audio IO.

I see MiniDSP has a USB Audio Streaming kit thing that may be able to do it and CoolAudio has a TCD3020 but they seem gone (what happened?).

How do you guys go about validating a codec other than just using the eval board Analog Devices sells?



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