[sdiy] Question for the self-assembly SMD-ers here

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
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£30 just for assembly of each board for a batch of 10 on 10 day turnaround which is okay for prototypes I suppose.

Drops to £16 on 100 day turnaround :-)   I’ve never understood how these places end up cheaper with huge delivery times – surely that fills their factory with WIP which costs them money.

But only drops to about £10 for production quantities which is well over my normal budget though so production would have to wait until JLCPCB do accept Mousereels.

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Newbury Electronics "PCB Train" could probably put them on for you. Might not be too expensive for a small prototype batch?

I wouldn't fancy my chances soldering something like that manually myself. I've done various QFNs without the thermal pads, but in your application getting a good low thermal resistance is important to get rid of heat to the PCB via the thermal pads. And those areas of copper for sinking the heat will make it harder to solder manually! I'd say pre-heating the PCB with a hot plate would be essential. Just my thoughts.


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They only take full reels, and even then they want you to pay them to buy it from the supplier so they can add their cut on it.  A reel of these would be about $20k and last me a decade or two :-)

They keep saying they are introducing buying of ‘Mousereels’ part-reels from Mouser but never do.

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Can't you send a suitable quantity to JLCPCB for them to fit?
On 18/02/2022 16:40, Mike Bryant wrote:
Is it possible to assemble this product by hand ?


I can get a PCB made at JLCPCB with all the support circuitry on it and leave plenty of space for this IC, but not sure if it’s possible to assemble this part afterwards.
It has a recommended stencil design in the datasheet which seems pretty tight for manual placement.

Alternatively anybody in the UK with whatever equipment is needed and willing to do it (paid for obviously) please email me.


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