[sdiy] Behringer K-2 midi not working

Flügel, Werner werner.fluegel at b-tu.de
Fri Feb 18 11:51:51 CET 2022

Am 18.02.2022 um 03:39 schrieb Joe Frey:
> All, I have a Behringer K-2. It's a copy of a Korg MS-20 with midi, too. 
> The midi has stopped working. If I put a patch cable into the KB input I 
> can hear a pitch and it will change accordingly to the key pressed on 
> midi KB. 

Check the MIDI-address: at the back of the Synth are DIP-switches. You 
must set them according to your keyboard. Check the synth with other 
keyboards, and the keyboard with another synth (or a MIDI-Monitor 
running on PC/Laptop)

> Without the gate patch cable I hear nothing?

No gate, no sound ;-)



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