[sdiy] emulating bi-polar capacitors

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
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I think most would nominate Rupert (Neve for Cheater) as the best ever.  

Great guy, knew everything.  Had his own way of doing things but usually for the right reasons.  Met him umpteen times and he always had something to excitedly talk about.

Only mistake he ever made was offering me a job but then refusing to meet my salary requirements when he interviewed me in the early 1980s :-)

Other candidate is Peter Baxandall.  Famous for his tone control but that totally overlooks all his other innovations.  To me his volume control and pan circuits are more important.

Long list after those two but I think most people on the list would nominate those two.

Given he is still around, I think it would be rude to discuss any negative points Douglas may have in an open forum.

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On 17/02/2022 22:34, Mike Bryant wrote:
> Douglas Self.  Not the best audio engineer ever but definitely author of some of the best books about audio engineering.  His "Small Signal Audio Design" should be on every bookshelf.

So the obvious questions...

a) Who WAS the best audio engineer ever?

b) What did Self do wrong to rule himself out of the running?

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