[sdiy] Polymoog Polycom chip block diagram?

Adam (synthDIY) synthdiy at adambaby.com
Fri Feb 18 01:03:12 CET 2022

> http://till.com/articles/moog/patents.html <http://till.com/articles/moog/patents.html>

Re the Polymoog:
On that page it says..

“The pitches come from top octave generator ICs and flip-flop dividers, and there is a custom 16-pin chip for each key that performs various envelope, modulation, waveform mixing and 2-pole ladder VCF duties.  The chip's envelope generator is sensitive to the key velocity and also to the length of time since the key was last played."

That last point is really interesting. On most musical instruments, repeatedly playing the same note does NOT generate a series of identical-sounding notes, as it would on a synthesiser. I’ve never played a Polymoog…. How does this work in practice? Is it convincing/useful?


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